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07-12-2016  - ITRA certifications obtained for New Balance Matterhorn Cervino X-trail 2017


Again, for the 2017 edition, the long version of New Balance Matterhorn Cervino X-Trail has attained ITRA certification as a race that qualifies for the Ultra Trail of Mont Blanc 2018 and 2019 with a score attributed of 4 POINTS according to the new assessment criteria, equivalent to 2 points of the criteria previously used, and of 2 POINTS for the short 30 km route, always as regards the new criteria.

03.12.2016        COMPEX new NB CXT 2017 partner


We are delighted to announce Compex as a new partner/sponsor for the 2017 edition. This prestigious company will follow us and you on race days, with awards, support recovery area, information material and lots more.




Registrations open again this year for the NB CXT race; a season focused on innovation, with the sponsorship of New Balance, Named sport and Cébé and the support of the municipality of Valtournenche.

A new 60 km ring-shaped track, departure from Cervinia, passing underneath the slopes of the Matterhorn and reaching colle cime bianche, then down towards Champoluc to climb to the hill of nana and fontaines and return to Cervinia.

The new 30 km on the trails of the past edition, to reach the colle of Cime Bianche, touching the lakes of cime bianche and Golliet, to descend into the valley of cime bianche of Valtournenche, a climb to Motta and down on Cervinia which awaits with 5 km of new trails.

The two Verticals are still there, positive and negative which will follow the positive one of always...

Top athletes, for high-level races… 2 days of sheer enjoyment.

We will get in touch again very soon to tell you all about the new features that are positively investing our association.

We look forward to seeing you in large numbers.

CXT staff.

25-02-2016 New Balance Matterhorn Cervino X-trail attains ITRA certifications


This year’s edition of the New Balance Matterhorn Cervino X-Trail 55 km has also attained ITRA certification as a qualifying race, including for the Mont Blanc Ultra trail 2017 and 2018. According to the new assessment criterion 4 POINTS will be attributed, equivalent to 2 POINTS of the previous criterion. 2 POINTS will be attributed for the short 25km route, always as regards the new criterion.

02-02-2016 NEW Official Partners 

Together with New Balance, the start of the 2016 season reconfirms the presence of Cébé as official partner of the NB Matterhorn xtrail, alongside new sponsors Named Sport and Parmigiano Reggiano.



The year opens in the best possible way: from this season the races held over three days in Cervino fall within the Italian Skyrunning Championship and are qualifying races for the world championships in Spain and Italy (youth categories).

It will be battle under the Matterhorn to make it into National D category.